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Open data barometer global report - 2nd edition
Open Data Barometer Leaders edition
Open Data Barometer – Leaders Edition ODB Methodology – v1.0 | 15 September 2017 You can contact the Barometer team at: [email protected] This document outlines in detail the construction of the Open Data Barometer scores, including details of the primary and secondary data used
Informe “Open Data Barometer – Fourth Edition” (The World Wide Web Foundation)

Open Data Barometer 4th Edition Global Report 2017 …

The findings from the fourth edition of the Open Data Barometer show that while some governments are advancing towards these aims, open data remains the exception, not the rule.
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Open Data Barometer – Leaders Edition – World Wide …

T he Open Data Barometer aims to uncover the true prevalence and impact of open data initiatives around the world, ranking governments on: Readiness for open data initiatives. Implementation of open data programmes. Impact that open data is having on business, politics and civil society.
The state of open data in Canada & the Open Data Barometer
Open Data Barometer Index – Score
The Open Data Barometer Index (ODB) aggregates data from a number of different sources that uncover the true prevalence and impact of open data initiatives around the world. This indicator uses the ODB scores calculated every year to rank countries based on how governments are publishing and using open data for accountability, innovation and social impact. In this dataset, it is used absolute
[Infographic] Mobile Uses Barometer 2017 | Open Groupe
[DEPRECATED] Natura 2000 barometer statistics
The EU Open Data Portal provides, via a metadata catalogue, a single point of access to data of the EU institutions, agencies and bodies for anyone to reuse. [DEPRECATED] Natura 2000 barometer statistics – 2017 Natura 2000 Barometer | European Union Open Data Portal
Open data barometer – Civic Tech Field Guide

Open Data Barometer. Informe Global. Cuarta edición …

Posted on 06/15/2017 06/28/2017 by madrid La World Wide Web Foundation acaba de publicar la cuarta edición del Open Data Barometer , donde se resume, de manera detallada, la actual situación de la apertura de datos en el mundo.
Open Data Barometer: Global Report - URENIO Watch

Open Data Barometer: How does the EU score? – …

 · Today the third edition of the global Open Data Barometer was released by the World Wide Web Foundation. 92 countries and their open data availability were examined. According to the World Wide Web Foundation over half of the studied countries have open data initiatives.
Україна вийшла на 17 місце у рейтингу відкритості даних | ШоТам

The state of open data in Canada & the Open Data …

Measuring open data initiatives around the world Ranking 115 countries Measuring readiness, impact & implementation Changing policies in 25+ countries Transparency. Accountability. Innovation. Inclusion. Only 7% of the data is fully open, only one of every two
Publication du classement et du rapport du 5e open data barometer - Veille - #TeamOpenData

Colombia gana cuatro posiciones en el ranking de …

La World Wide Web Foundation dio a conocer los resultados del Open Data Barometer, medición que en 2016 llegó a su cuarta versión. En esta edición se midieron 115 naciones, 23 más que el año inmediatamente anterior y Colombia pasó del puesto 28, con un resultado global del 45.3, al puesto 24, con un resultado de 52.
The Open Data Barometer [Electronic resource]: / Official Open Data…

Malaysia’s Open Data Blog

Putrajaya, 14 November 2017- Unit Pemodenan Tadbiran dan Perancangan Pengurusan Malaysia (MAMPU), Jabatan Perdana Menteri mengorak langkah seterusnya untuk meningkatkan kedudukan Malaysia dalam pelaksanaan Kerajaan Digital sehingga ke peringkat global dengan mengadakan program Malaysia Open Data User Group (MODUG) 2017. (MODUG) 2017.
البيانات المفتوحة، تعرف على المقياس العالمي لمستوى نشر الحكومات لها

Advocating for a fair and open Latin America: A Q&A …

The last global evaluation of the Open Data Barometer was carried out in 2016, with a special edition focused on leading countries in 2017/8. Knowing the current situation in Latin America and the Caribbean is of vital importance.
Сентябрьский рейтинг Open Data Barometer | Data
России повезло в рейтинге открытости данных
Россия в Open Data Barometer Россия заняла 13 место среди 30 стран мира в рейтинге открытости данных Open Data Barometer по состоянию на 2017 г., составленном некоммерческой организацией World Wide Web Foundation.
Editable open data barometer 2017 - Fillable & Printable Online Forms to Download in Word & PDF |


Het DG Digitale Transformatie stelt een geconsolideerd bestand van de adresgegevens uit de 3 regio’s ter beschikking als open data. Dit project kwam tot stand dankzij een intense samenwerking tussen de verschillende regionale en federale overheidsdiensten.

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