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PvE 72% 479% 3 2 4 25% 10 Seconds 200 MP 12.5% 50% 17 Seconds PvP 29% 195% Skill Traits Critical Reflexion Ruthless Reflexion
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1 Description 1.1 Background 1.2 Abilities 1.3 Class Tree 2 Skills 2.1 Special Active 2.2 Active 2.3 Buff 2.4 Passive Eve, an upper-class Nasod, was once called ‘The Little Queen of Nasods’ when Humans and Nasod coexisted in Ancient Elrios. The times were
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List of Elsword classes and characters
Elsword Crimson Sieghart (Korean: 엘소드), or Els (エルス, Erusu) in the Japanese server, is the title character and a Knight. An ambitious but hot-headed young swordsman, he was trained by the commander of the Crimson Knights—his older sister—Elesis.
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 · Das ist mein Eindruck im Moment im PvE: Elsword: Sehr oft Aisha: Normal Rena: Normal Raven: Sehr oft Eve: Normal Chung: Sehr oft (Raid), Normal (normale Dungeons) Ara: Normal bis etwas weniger Elesis: Normal Add: Selten Lu/Ciel: Selten Rose: Selten Ain
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Site Elsword Elsword Bande annonce Gameplay Bande annonce Gameplay DU STYLE, DE L’ESPRIT D’ÉQUIPE, DE L’ACTION ! Jeu d’action en 2,5D à défilement horizontal 10 personnages délirants avec chacun leur style de combat 25 000 objets pour Free-to
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Zur Elsword Website Elsword Trailer Gameplay Trailer Gameplay STYLE UP, TEAM UP, BEAT ‘EM UP! 2.5D Sidescrolling Beat-’em-Up stürze dich kostenfrei ins Abenteuer Entfessle deine Macht für Elios! Meistere deine Combos in PvP und PvE
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Ciel (Elsword) – Works
Ciel (Elsword) Luciela R. Sourcream Crack Treated Seriously the player is done with her main’s nonsense Nerfaquakes: the fanfic or better: why pve and pvp shouldn’t share stats balance patches are everyone’s nightmare Summary Em que o balanceamento com
,現在注冊送永久時裝及豐厚道具獎勵,還有更多實物獎勵等你拿噢,全新角色“諾亞”正式上線,La véritable puissance de la déesse : Guide Arbiter/Richter - PvE - FR Archives - Elsword Europe

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Class Tier List: PVE (AOE Grinder) Vote to view player opinion on the classes that are considered best at one shotting multiple mobs. We also deeply enjoy the concept of Tier Lists in any game we play, and realized Elsword is enough of a ded gaem that nobody has made an honest Tier List in months, if …
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HP AND Mana. Better than increased speeds. and the regen is pretty fast too, lmao. you gain mana faster than Tactical Field, gg. That heal move is OP!;^(But, maaaaan! Its a life saver in PvE! It’s more of a life saver in Secret Dungeons. Just imagine
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Elsword Ara Class
Elsword. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos News Guides Reviews Ara is the easiest character in the game (easy gameplay, easy pve, easy pvp rank, easy grind, ), she’s so easy that most people who quitted the game were Ara
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