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Set CUSTOM Stack Size, Slots, Weight and much more …

Five new block recipies to make (Dry Tailings, Dry Tailings Neutralizer, Wet Tailings, Wet Tailings Neutralizer, Compost) Note: This tool sets the weight of all items to 0,1 (super light). On Version 2.5, added the ability to change the weight on your own.
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More Realistic Smelting mod for ECO
More Realistic Smelting for ECO Released Jan 20th, 2020. Ranked 100 of 132 with 1,199 (0 today) downloads Published by SweetChristmas (mod ID: 437) Description 2.18mb Subscribe to install 203
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 · Will Eco have weather effects and will tailings go into dams at some point. Comments are closed. Our goal at Strange Loop Games is to use the massive power of today’s hardware for gameplay, not just graphics. We use deep, interactive simulations to explore
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Admin Commands for ECO
Rent your own prepaid ECO – Global Survival server today at Command Usage To be able to use commands in ECO, it is enough to press the Enter key. Now the chat opens, where you can easily view all the commands with /help. In the next part of the
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Dirty Money
Description: Simple addition of Dirt, Sand, Beans and Tailings to be used as currency backers, for fun reasons! Note that deleting Tailings via minting is cheaty and misses Eco core point. Edit \Items\Tailings.cs and delete line 107, “[Currency]”, to prevent turning
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Nuclear Reactor Mod for ECO
Adds a nuclear reactor and fuel to support it. Still in the early stages of development, but so far is found to be bug-free. Adds a nuclear reactor that produces 25,000 W that runs off nuclear fuel cells which can be made in the laboratory from copper ore. The reactor
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Talk:Bauxite tailings
This is the talk page for discussing improvements to the Bauxite tailings redirect. This is not a forum for general discussion of the article’s subject. Put new text under old text. Click here to start a new topic. Sign your posts by typing four tildes (~~~~). New to
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Uranium in the environment
Uranium is a naturally occurring element found in low levels within all rock, soil, and water. This is the highest-numbered element to be found naturally in significant quantities on earth. According to the United Nations Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation the normal concentration of uranium in soil is 300 μg/kg to 11.7 mg/kg.
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gold ore in tailings

Tailings are a by-product of a gold mining process that was common in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Gold-bearing rocks that also contain arsenic were crushed and spread over liquid mercury to remove the gold. Gold Extraction from Tailings and mine waste
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copper ore plant tailings slag

In this context, “tailings” is waste rock at a mine after the ore has been processed to remove the metal. It has usually been pulverized to fine sand. “Copper slag” …
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gold ore tailings stacker

Gold Ore – Eco Wiki tailings reclaimer in ore process Practise of large scale hematite ore beneficiation MECON Limited. iron ore A, B and C of Sangan mining area near Khauf and Sangan, . million tons and the annual tailing output is 5.26 million tons. . stacker
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Storing tailings. : EcoGlobalSurvival

Newish player here. Currently I store wet tailings at the bottom of the world by using the stockpile chest chain method to move it all down there … I looked a bit for an Eco FAQ here on reddit, to no avail. Let me know if I’m wrong. After a little over a month of hosting
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Uranium mining
Uranium mining is the process of extraction of uranium ore from the ground. The worldwide production of uranium in 2019 amounted to 53,656 tonnes. Kazakhstan, Canada, and Australia were the top three uranium producers, respectively, and together account for 68% of world production. Other countries producing more than 1,000 tonnes per year
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